Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Girl Pants

In a marraige it is said, what's mine is yours and what's yours is mine. How far does this go? Saturday was a t-shirt day and my husband had recently decided that his brown cocoa puffs shirt just wasn't making the cut any more. So it ended up in my drawer. I wore it all day and had few coments except for the fact that cocoa is a weird word and why is it spelled that way. Later in the afternoon we were invited to a marshmallow roast. My husband decided to put on some jeans however all but one pair, which was dirty, had holes in them. Sadly he isn't to far from my size actually he fits into pants espeacially those that are long. So he put on the least feminine pair which really with today's fashions did not look odd on himm at all. Upon arriving nothing was mentioned about either of our outfits. However not long after my cousin arrived she noticed. The pockets had no decorations, and by this point he had rolled the bottom because it was so hot. How could she tell? The stratigically placed fadding. I guess if he is going to wear my jeans all I have to do is dye them dark blue and he'll be fine.

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