Thursday, March 24, 2011

Kids really do grow up fast

Even though our little sweetheart is only three months old she has seemed to grow up a lot. She is already smiling, laughing, and rolled over. She has also has grown out of her 0-3 month clothes which is all good because now she gets to wear her cute 3-6 month clothes. Being the mom of a girl is so much fun. There are a lot of cute girl clothes. And I am only a little jealous that she gets to change her wardrobe so often although I am glad I am not getting bigger causing me to have to get new clothes every three months.

Otherwise in our life things are going well. Dannon is doing great at his new job and he is also enjoying school. I really enjoy hearing about his vision for his career in the future. Also my grandparents just got back from their mission to the south Pacific islands and my mom just got back from europe. Even if I have only traveled to our neighboring countries, my close family is really turning into world travelers.

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