Monday, April 4, 2011

Spitting is for Camels.... and Miss Ava

From the second Avalin was born she loved her tongue. There was no crying coming out of her mouth when the nurse handed her to me but a little tongue was sticking out then in then out again. Luckily she is cute so no one takes her, what could be interpreted as rude behavior, seriously. Lately her tongue has been accompanied by spit bubbles, smiles and giggles. Good things come from my baby's mouth.

During general conference I heard, among other things, to be like a little child. When I heard this I see Miss Ava sticking her tongue out and spitting then smiling and making cute noises to her self and all those around her. I want to be more like her and smile at all of those that smile at me even when I am crying or sad, as Avalin tries to do all the time. I want to say happy, nice things that make people smile. I want to make good things come from my mouth too. So I am going to speak kinder and smile more and try to be more like my little one.

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