Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I love being a mom more than I ever imagined. I love soothing my sweet baby when she cries and doing all the everyday things moms do. There is one small thing that I do not like..... and that is shots. On Monday Miss A had her four month appointment which was accompanied by shots. The look of terror in her eyes just made me sad however I think that she was less affected then me. I may be wrong but even though she did cry for a little bit it didn't last to long.

This week has been a great one as has this month. Next week Dannon will finish his second semester of his grad-degree. I am so excited for him and he is doing really well. We had an awesome Easter and realized another perk of having a cute baby, her Easter candy is our Easter candy. Lastly we are excited that Dannon's brother Nik and his wife Jen will be moving to North Logan. It will be great to have family closer!

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  1. I agree that it will be great to have family closer... even if it is only half an hour closer. We are blessed to have so much family as close as they are.