Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rain to Snow

It has been a long time but I am going to try and be more consistent in writing. So to catch up my baby is 1. It is so fun. She talks and cruises all over. She is so close to walking but is so strong willed not to that she hasn't yet. At least not with out chocolate and mom kneeling in front of her. On her first birthday she was so happy and pleasant, as she usually is. On top of that she had the perfect reaction when opening gifts. All of her grandparents and great grandparents loved her ooooos and ahhhs and the kisses she gave to all of her gifts. Dannon and I gave her mostly clothes and a pair of shoes which unsurprisingly were not as big of a hit as the balls, dolls and stuffed animal that she loves to tote around.

After the birthday fun ended it felt like Christmas was right upon us. We enjoyed Christmas a lot. We were able to spend time with both sides of our extended family. We went to my mom's for Christmas morning and it was fun. My brothers are so fun with A and she loves them. She gets so excited to play with them and enjoyed being tickled and wrestled and unwrapping presents Christmas morning.

Last weekend we went with Dannon's family to Bear Lake. Nik and Jen and Dannon's Parents all came. We had Christmas morning with them and exchanged gifts. I had been working on a cross stitch for Dannon's mom for months. I was worried that maybe she wouldn't like it. When she opened it she looked so thrilled and it made all the hours I had put into it totally worth it.

Today has been a crazy day weather wise. It rained all morning and is snowing all afternoon. I guess I won't complain because its January and snow should be covering the ground. Until next time I hope you find some love in your land.

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