Monday, January 23, 2012

Things I no longer need

Having a child causes more chores for a mom. There are however other chores that it may eliminated. Firstly I have no need to shred paper any longer. Any piece of paper that lands with in reach of my daughter can easily be ripped up and strewn about my apartment. Another chore that I don't have to do is feed the dog. Plenty of food is dropped on the ground throughout the kitchen and living room. There is also a bonus in that most of the time it is broken into small pieces. The only problem with this is we do not have a dog. Or any animal, so vacuuming has definitely gone up.
Over all the fun of having a baby who keeps growing up and developing out weighs any negatives. She is so great and even though she knows how to make a mess, she also knows how to make me smile.

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