Thursday, October 15, 2009

Movin' on up

For the last couple months we have been living in my grandparents house. They are on a mission and invited us to stay here while they are gone. We still live in the same city just up the hill and in much larger quarters. Its a lot of fun and also very interesting. My cousin is our housemate and the interactions between her and my husband can be very interesting. The most recent debate is over a bag of coco dino bites. Who can eat them, whose they are and why I don't stop my cousin from eating them. Well what to do? I just sit back and laugh. This morning my husband ate the largest bowl of cereal I have ever seen him consume and then went for seconds. While my cousin didn't notice at all. I guess it was all in vain. He doesn't care but I guess he will again have to adjust to living with roommates.

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