Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Price is Right

My brother will be leaving shortly for to serve an LDS mission. We are all excited for him and no it won't be to long until he gets back. However before he leaves we have been trying to spend more time with him. Both he and my husband share enjoyment in watching the Price is right. So this morning he came over and jumped into our bed and flipped on the TV with only seconds to spare. It only takes watching half the show and a couple commercial breaks to realize that late teens to mid twenties is not the target market. Instead it would be retired apparently immobile, grandparents. The advertisement either make me confused or open my eyes to a whole slew of problems I didn't realize existed. The best part of the advertisements is the names of the those selling some of the products. For example I was unaware until about two months ago that there was a Tom Cruise selling motorized scooters for the elderly. Anyway watch the price is right and don't skip the advertisements because some day you may need one of the handy elderly products.

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