Friday, November 6, 2015

Find your Theme Song

I have wanted to get back to blogging for a while, so here I am. There are now three cute girls in our family and we love it! Avalin, Maeve and Hazel would make the perfect toddler girl band. We love music and as the weather turns cold it is a great way to get the wiggles out. Maeve has come with the grand idea of having a theme song. The importance of everyone having one has been a point of discussion. Here is a list of our family theme songs according to the girls.
Avalin: Any song she can make up or FROZEN
Maeve:Fight Song
Hazel: Shut up and Dance (No idea why on this one other than that Maeve thinks it is an excuse to say a disrespectful word)
Dannon: Pompeii
Me: The poll was inconclusive, I either do not have one or it is any boring song that I can dance weird to, at least I have fun.
If you start to go stir crazy in this breezy weather take a quick walk and then turn the music up, good music can change your day. It will make you feel and think. It can connect you to some one that is here or not. Last month I was driving through Logan canyon alone. I rarely am in the car by myself, I had an hour drive to think. Logan canyon was beautiful, the turning roads aided in the wandering of my mind. With lack of interruptions in thought my mind was able to travel where it wanted to go. A Bastille album was playing, at a level louder than I would be able to hear my cell phone. I could feel the music and, as I thought of my mother-in-law and her not so long ago passing, I could feel her. I could better understand our relationship, as my thoughts progressed and developed the importance of connecting with people became clearer to me. Urgency to make every interaction worthwhile and relationships positive and evolving at any pace or level that created deeper understanding of us, the human race, a collective group of people who are one, but seem to keep finding ways to make a unit that could be so powerful dis unified from with in. The purpose in connecting, for me, is to not become one in purpose but to create more understanding. Find your theme song for the day that will make you think and maybe even change.


  1. Awesome song choices! I will now be following this blog.

  2. I love this Jess! I have songs that I love to listen to when I am missing my mother in law! They always make me feel more connected to her:) we love to sing and dance at our house too! Let's have a dance party sometime!

    1. We would love that, but seriously we need to get together.